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CD - Where His Light Was

Kristene Dimarco · Vydavateľstvo:

Where His Light Was marks Kristene DiMarco's first release as an artist with Bethel Music, and her fourth career release to date. Penned into 11 songs, the album's axis is one of remembrance; exploring the way God illuminates our past and difficult seasons when we encounter His perspective and hear His voice.

Where His Light Was is bright and carefree, yet rich in meaning; articulated as one who has apprehended clarity through choosing to face fear head on. DiMarco's vocals are, in one moment, tender and nuanced, and full of conviction and resolve in the next.

1. Doxology
2. Where His Light Was
3. Fear Not
4. Take Courage (Radio Version)
5. Never Ever
6. I Am No Victim
7. Jesus Is Willing
8. Your Love Stands Alone
9. Hope Is Alive
10. Could You Be This Good
11. I Just Want To Worship

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